EUROSAF Match Racing Open European Championship


The EUROSAF Open Match Race Europeans 2019 will take place in the beautiful city of Šibenik in Croatia, organized by the well established cooperation between Wave Sailing Center and Val Šibenik Sailing Club. Both are experts in organizing national and international sailing events with provided boats and fleets. Last year they showed their expertise by organizing the EUROSAF Youth Match Race Europeans within a few weeks.

09/10/2019 00:00 - 13/10/2019 00:00
Šibenik, Croatia
+385 (0)99 827 88 93
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Final Results

  1. Eric Monnin (SUI)
  2. Ettore Botticini (ITA)
  3. Pierre-Antoine Morvan (FRA)
  4. Jeppe Borch (DEN)
  5. Vladimir Lipavsky (RUS)
  6. Maxime Mesnil (FRA)
  7. Emil Kjaer (DEN)
  8. Simon Bertheau (FRA)
  9. Dejan Presen (SLO)
  10. Marko Smolic (CRO)
  11. Patryk Zbroja (POL)
  12. Mati Sepp (EST)



Eric Monnin (SUI) - Ettore Botticini (ITA) 2-1

3rd Place

Pierre-Antoine Morvan (FRA) - Jeppe Borch (DEN) 2-1

Semi final

Ettore Botticini (ITA) - Pierre-Antoine Morvan (FRA) 2-1

Eric Monnin (SUI) - Jeppe Borch (DEN) 2-1

Quarter final

Jeppe Borch (DEN) - Maxime Mesnil (FRA) 2-1

Simon Bertheau (FRA) - Pierre-Antoine Morvan (FRA) 0,25-2

Emil Kjaer (DEN) - Eric Monnin (SUI) 1-2

Vladimir Lipavsky (RUS) - Ettore Botticini (ITA) 0-2