Marketing and Media Committee






Patrik Pollák (SVK) – Chair

Maja Leśny (POL) – Vice-chair

Afroditi Angeliki Chantzi (GRE)

Helena de la Gándara López-Alonso (ESP)

Felix Somm (SUI)


Liaison Officers

Yana Dobzhitskaya

Roland Regnemer (Deputy)


Terms of Reference

Approved on 29/04/2017

Reporting to EUROSAF Executive Board


  1. Make EUROSAF actions visible to its stakeholders, to the sailing community, and to the public in general.

  2. Manage EUROSAF’s value as an investment for funding partners.


  1. Develop an effective communication strategy for EUROSAF and monitor its implementation.

  2. Develop a strategy for media relations and awareness and monitor its implementation.


  1. Develop and recommend policy proposals concerning the promotion of EUROSAF to its Members and to other interested parties, such as the media and the boating industry.

  2. Draft a EUROSAF Marketing Activity Plan and monitor its implementation.

  3. Advise the Executive Board on marketing & media issues and policy.

  4. Advise the Executive Board on appropriate, relevant commercial activities, including sponsorship opportunities.

  5. Advise the Executive Board on any matter concerning EUROSAF corporate identity, adopting a role of principal custodian and champion of the EUROSAF 'brand'.

  6. Look for media partners and liaise with them to develop EUROSAF media presence.

  7. Develop the EUROSAF webpage as the main repository of information concerning EUROSAF for use by Members and the General Public.

  8. Promote EUROSAF in social networks (Facebook, Instagram, etc.).

  9. Liaise with the Executive Board member responsible for supporting the Committee.

  10. Work in close cooperation with the Treasurer to take advantage of funding opportunities.

  11. Inform the General Assembly at the Annual General Meeting about the Committee’s projects and achievements.

Committee Membership

Up to five members, including a Chair and a Vice-Chair, appointed by the Executive Board for their specialist knowledge, experience, or ability, appropriate to the goals and objectives of the Committee.

The following credentials will be welcome from members:

  • Experience in youth-focused sailing projects

  • Experience in one or more of the following fields: media channels, marketing, brand management, sponsorship, etc.

  • Proficiency in web-based communication channels

  • Pan-European vision

Term: four years.