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Race Officials`Exchange programme


EUROSAF Executive Committee meeting

Hosted by the Danish Sailing Association (DSA) on 17th & 18th February, the EUROSAF Executive Committee met at the "Hidraettens Hus" (Danish House of Sports) in Copenhagen.

After a warm welcome from the DSA President, Mr Hans Natorp, there followed two hard-working days of discussion and debate, relating to the most pressing topics facing the European Sailing Federation during 2012, and beyond. The topics included the 15th Ordinary General Assembly, which takes place in Limassol from 27th to 29th April, economic and budgetary matters, meeting the short-listed candidate selected to replace Mr Evert Lagerweij as Treasurer (who is retiring after 15 years in the role) and the future strategy for the EUROSAF Race Officials’ Exchange Programme and Sailing Academy. Also featuring high on the agenda, was the 2012 EUROSAF Events Programme and Calendar, plus one of the most significant issues in planning for 2013, the launch of the new European Sailing Circuit for Olympic Classes.
Coinciding with the Executives’ stay in Denmark, representatives from Sailing Aarhus, Mr Thomas Capitani and Mr Rasmus Johnsen, provided the members with an update on the arrangements for the EUROSAF Youth Sailing, European Championships, being held in Aarhus this coming August, including their exciting plans for the use of social media and internet technology in connection with the event. The meeting also saw the official signing of the contract between Sailing Aarhus and EUROSAF. The Executive commended Sailing Aarhus for these exciting initiatives in connection with their flagship event in 2012.

The EUROSAF Executive meet three times each year and the next meeting will be held on 27th April, immediately prior to the General Assembly. Interim meetings are held via video conferencing when business demands. The next of these meetings will be on 20th March.