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EUROSAF has the ultimate objective of being an organisation with all European National Sailing Authorities as full members. (Currently there are 419  The organisation will endeavour to coordinate and develop the sport of sailing through an exchange of information and facilitating decisions on matters of mutually agreed common interest. EUROSAF has the following main objectives:

  • To promote the practice of sailing, and an exchange of knowledge and experiences, with the national sailing federations of all European nations.
  • To promote the coordination and unification of policies for the sport, including those for European championships and other international competitions.
  • To establish and/or coordinate with all interested parties the yearly European regatta calendar in the respective categories.
  • To promote and extend the exchange of Race Officials.
  • To promote the training of Race Officials.

EUROSAF shall not be a member of any organisation, excepting those directly linked to sport such as the International Sailing Federation (ISAF), nor shall it represent the policies or interests of individual members. It shall not act on matters which are the responsibility of MNAs acting within their own territory, or in respect of their membership of ISAF.