2017 EUROSAF Youth European Championship

2017 EUROSAF YOUTH EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP EUROSAF is proud to announce the 2017 EUROSAF Youth European Championship that will be held in Los Alcázares, Murcia - Spain from 26th August to 2nd September 2017 and organised by the Club Náutico Mar Meno...

Para Sailing 2017

2017 EUROSAF Para Sailing European Championship The 2017 EUROSAF Para Sailing Europan Championship wil be held in Gdynia - Poland - from 18th to 22nd July 2017 organised by the Polish Yachting Asssociation in conjunction with the Para World Sailin...

Ordinary General Assembly 2017

A New Era Begins in the European Sailing Federation A record 38 Member National Authorities, out of a membership of 41, attended the 20th Ordinary General Assembly of the European Sailing Federation (EUROSAF), which took place last weekend (Saturday...

Race Officials`Exchange programme

Interview - Rolf Bähr

Interview - Rolf BHR1. Some facts about Deutscher Segler-Verband

The German Sailing Federation (DSV), founded in 1888, currently consists of about 1.300 member clubs with nearly 186.000 individual members. It is one of the largest Member National Authorities in ISAF.DSV runs a national training centre in Kiel which is home to the majority of German Olympic Sailors and of the sailors of the Germany National Sailing Team...


2. DSV’s objectives for the Olympic Games 2012

Our objective is to participate in the Olympic Sailing Competition in Weymouth in any of the ten olympic classes.

3. Opportunities arising from the selection of new ISAF events for the Olympic Games 2016

The decision of ISAF to exclude the Men’s keelboat event and Women’s Match Racing was disappointing. It is now even more important to establish future-oriented decisions regarding Boards, Skiffs and Multihulls. ISAF has to select classes whereby the federation’s influence on production and distribution should clearly outweigh economic considerations. Classes have to be compatible for new, modern Olympic race formats. That means that the 2011 ISAF November Meeting in Puerto Rico has to determine criteria for the classes to be selected.

4. What steps could be undertaken to make sailing more attractive to young people?

In order to attract spectators to sailing it is crucial to involve them. The use of new media like public viewing and live commentating or live streaming along with technologies like helicopter filming and on-board cameras allows for a fascinating and coherent experience of sailing and is thus very suitable to interest people. That has only recently been evidenced at this year’s Kieler Woche. Beyond that, campaigns like “kids for sailing” and “sailing cities” shall help to bring people and particularly youth up to sailing.

5. Steps to enhance the attractivity of sailing for sponsors

We’ve managed to attract a number of prominent sponsors by launching a campaign called “Sailing Team Germany”. Its aim is to establish a broad and long-time support of the newly formed German National Sailing Team that consists of a senior, junior and youth division.

6. Main sailing events in Germany within the next few months

Apart from Kieler Woche there will take place two more big events within the next few months in Germany: Warnemuender Woche in Rostock/Warnemuende and Travemuender Woche in the Bay of Lubeck in July. The highlight, however, will be the Combined German Championship for all Olympic classes in Lubeck/Travemuende from 30 September – 3 October 2011. These national events will be covered by sponsors of the “Sailing Team Germany”.