Contact and Cooperation Committee






Walter Cavallucci (ITA) – Chair from May 2019 and vicechair from July 2017

Charles Glover (GBR) – Vicechair from May 2019 and member from June 2018

Bahadir Ekin (TUR)

Rob Franken (NED) – Chair until May 2019

Tor Møinichen (NOR)

Christos Theodosis (GRE)


Liaison Officer

Josep M. Pla

Doris Gstatter (Deputy)


Terms of Reference

Approved on 05/06/2018

Reporting to EUROSAF Executive Board.


  1. Build on EUROSAF Members’ diversity a stronger organization.

  2. Maximize the benefit to Members from cooperation within EUROSAF.

  3. Build stronger ties between Members.

  4. Build strong and mutually beneficial ties with the sailing community.


  1. Bring value to the sailing community through cooperation projects.

  2. Develop lasting and rewarding cooperation projects between Members.

  3. Maintain a good working relationship with all other sailing stakeholders (World Sailing, Continental Associations, Classes, Clubs).


  1. Set up a consultation process to receive input from the Members concerning their views on possible ways to reach the goals and the objectives.

  2. Detect mutually beneficial cooperation opportunities between Members.

  3. Bring forth proposals regarding policy, projects, or specific actions.

  4. Work in close relationship with the Treasurer to take advantage of any funding opportunity for cooperation projects.

  5. Liaise with the Executive Board member responsible for supporting the Committee.

  6. Inform the General Assembly at the Annual General Meeting about the Committee’s projects and achievements.

Committee Membership

Up to six members, including a chair and a vice-chair, appointed by the Executive Board for their specialist knowledge, experience, or ability, appropriate to the goals and objectives of the Committee.

The following credentials will be welcome from members:

  • Experience in sailing administration at international level

  • Pan-European vision

  • Team player

  • Constructive spirit

Term: up to the next Executive Board election.