Vincent Hagin (SUI) – Chair

Alessandro Pezzoli (ITA) - Vice-chair

Christian Finnsgård (SWE)

Matthias Schmid (AUT)


Liaison Officer

Josep M. Pla


Terms of Reference

Approved on 05/06/2018

Reporting to EUROSAF Executive Board.


  1. Coordinate, develop, and distribute knowledge, training, and research about all matters sailing related.


  1. Bring value to the sailing community through knowledge, training, and research projects.

  2. Bridge the gap between sailing knowledge generators and users.

  3. Create a repository to collect, store, and distribute knowledge useful to the sailing community.

  4. Define and promote European standards of training in sailing.

  5. Foster the creation of a European Sailing Academy/Institute/University to undertake required actions.


  1. Devise ways to achieve the objectives, which may include:

    • Organize the provision of training on sailing topics as stand-alone training or as an additional activity in EUROSAF promoted activities and events.

    • Promote the generation of training material and its distribution through EUROSAF or Members actions

    • Organize a yearly symposium on sailing related research.

    • Compile and maintain a list of sailing related research topics.

    • Compile and maintain a list of sailing related research institutions and professionals.

    • Create and maintain an online repository for sailing related papers and research and training material.

    • Publish an online open-access peer-reviewed journal.

  2. Draft a detailed proposal to create an institution to achieve the goal, which may involve:

    • Focus on sailing related topics.

    • Minimal physical structure.

    • Partnerships with leading Universities.

    • Outsourcing training capacity.

    • Largely virtual, with limited physical presence of training recipients.

    • Modular conception of training offerings.

    • Issuing training certificates with the view set on recognised degrees.

    • Self-financed
  3. Detect mutually beneficial cooperation opportunities between Members and research or training institutions.

  4. Bring forth proposals regarding projects or specific actions.

  5. Work in close relationship with the Executive Board member responsible for liaising with the Working Party.

  6. Work in close relationship with the Treasurer to take advantage of any funding opportunity for research, training, and knowledge management related projects.

  7. Inform the General Assembly at the Annual General Meeting about the Committee’s projects and achievements.

Working Party Membership

Up to seven members, including a chair and a vice-chair, appointed by the Executive Board for their specialist knowledge, experience, or ability, appropriate to the goals and objectives of the Working Party.

The following credentials will be welcome from members:

  • PhD/Doctorate in a sports-related field, preferably in sailing

  • In close contact with higher education or research centres

  • Experience in research or higher education management

  • Experience in knowledge management

  • Pan-European vision

Term: up to the next Executive Board election.