Events Committee






Georg Fundak (AUT) – Chair

Mattias Dahlstrom (SWE) – Vice-chair

Özgür Inam (TUR)

Vassilios Kaskouras (GRE)

Evgeniy Mavrodiev (BUL)


Liaison Officers

Timo Hass 

Yana Dobzhitskaya (Deputy)


Terms of Reference

Approved on 29/04/2017

Reporting to EUROSAF Executive Board.


  1. Promote and facilitate sailing for all ages throughout Europe.

  2. Use EUROSAF Events as a way to foster personal growth through sailing.


  1. Develop and recommend policy proposals concerning EUROSAF Events, including championships, and other major EUROSAF European Events (other than World Sailing Events and World Sailing Class Events).


  1. Recommend EUROSAF Events strategy and criteria.

  2. Consider bids and make recommendations for future hosts of EUROSAF Events. Draft policy proposals concerning a EUROSAF European Ranking List and monitor their implementation.

  3. Draft policy proposals concerning potential future EUROSAF European Classes and monitor their implementation.

  4. Liaise with the Youth & Development Committee concerning Youth Events in order to present joint proposals and projects.

  5. Work in close cooperation with the Treasurer to take advantage of any funding opportunity.

  6. Liaise with the Executive Board member responsible for supporting the Committee.

  7. Inform the General Assembly at the Annual General Meeting about the Committee’s projects and achievements.

Committee Membership

Up to five members, including a Chair and a Vice-Chair, appointed by the Executive Board for their specialist knowledge, experience, or ability, appropriate to the goals and objectives of the Committee.

The following credentials will be welcome from members:

  • Experience in international events organisation

  • Pan-European vision

Term: four years.