25 years of EUROSAF!

As early as the mid-1930s, the need for a European Sailing Federation was formulated and the groundwork for the federation was laid by four initial Members. The intention was to strengthen the European sailing scene, and in particular to promote and support (regatta) sailing on continental lakes.

In 2023, the European Sailing Federation EUROSAF in its present form celebrates its 25th anniversary. The founding meeting took place in March 1998 in Rome with representatives from 23 Members.

As the umbrella organization of the European national federations, EUROSAF already had the goals at that time:

  • to promote the sport of sailing in general
  • to help flow of information and experience
  • to organize the unification of various race classes, including European Championships
  • to promote and extend exchange of Race Officials and widen their involvement
  • to organize training for race staff
  • to promote sailing for young sailors
  • to maintain contact with various European Union organizations connected to the sport of sailing

Over the past 25 years, the Federation has become increasingly established. In 2017, EUROSAF opened its office and general secretariat in Neusiedl am See in Austria – with strong support from the Austrian Sailing Federation. Since then, the work for European sailing has been significantly expanded and professionalized.

Today, the Federation counts 43 members and offers them numerous services. The Race Officials Exchange Programme remains one of the core elements and is known beyond the borders of Europe. EUROSAF awards European Championships in several disciplines, such as Match Racing or Mixed Offshore, and increasingly European Class Championships are also held under the EUROSAF umbrella. EUROSAF is involved in EU Erasmus+ projects and further projects to expand activities are in the pipeline. There are still more than enough ideas.

25 years after its foundation, EUROSAF members will meet again in Rome on 11 March 2023 for the 26th Ordinary General Assembly. In the evening, numerous guests will be honoured for their past contributions during a celebration ceremony.