EUROSAF celebrated its 25th anniversary

On Saturday evening, the European Sailing Federation EUROSAF celebrated its 25th anniversary in Rome. The Federation was founded in Rome in March 1998. 25 years later, in March 2023, EUROSAF, together with the Italian Sailing Federation Federazione Italiana Vela (FIV), invited numerous guests of honour to a celebration gala.

On the occasion of the Ordinary General Assembly, the Members of EUROSAF met already in the morning in Rome. In the evening, the venerable Circolo Canottieri Aniene became the stage for the 25th anniversary celebration. The location is one of the most beautiful clubs in Rome and has become a social and sporting institution at Italian and international level.

The Executive Board of the European Sailing Federation led by president Josep M. Pla (AND) and the two honorary presidents Oleg Ilyin (RUS) and György Wossala (HUN) were welcomed by FIV president Francesco Ettorre. Delegates and guests from 26 national sailing federations, from Portugal to Turkey and from Sweden to Cyprus, as well as World Sailing vice-presidents Özlem Akdurak and Tomasz Chamera, came to congratulate them.

The evening began with an entertaining and varied celebration programme. With interviews and short stories, the history of the European Sailing Federation up to the present day was rolled up.

The look back at the past 25 years was crowned with a new image video of the European Sailing Federation, in which European leaders of sailing Federations also took a look into the future.

Among the guests of honour were former EUROSAF presidents Arturo Delgado (ESP; 2002–2004), György Wossala (HUN; 2004–2010) and Marco Predieri (ITA; 2010–2017), who gave cheerful insights into their periods of activity. They received awards for their contribution to the Federation, which has become increasingly established over the past 25 years and now offers numerous services to its 43 Members.

The gala dinner that followed gave the opportunity to make many, many toasts: To the European Sailing Federation, to the people who contribute and have contributed to its development, and to the future.

Photos: EUROSAF/FIV, Gianluca Di Fazio